Snovitra – Generic Levitra 20 mg

Snovitra is male pills for the potency developed on the basis of the active ingredient Vardenafil. The use of the drug helps to get rid of the anxiety and concern, and have a hard potency during the sexual activity.

Snovitra is Generic Levitra from India and contains Vardenafil in the dose of 20 mg. The identical pharmacological proeprties and a therapeutic effect make this medications similar. The difference is a cost. Original Levitra is for sale by 3-4 times more expensive than Generic Snovitra.

hard potency during the sexual activityA low cost is not a sign of the low quality. A cause of this difference in price is that the pharmaceutical companies use an already developed and studied formula of Vardenafil and do not spend money on the clinical studies. Bayer has spent million dollars to synthesize and release Vardenafil on the market. Therefore, a cost of the Levitra pills has all expenses on the development and promotion of a new product. These expenses are absent during the development of Generic Snovitra, and that is why the drug costs cheaper.

The effects of Snovitra are felt after the first use, and it is one of the advantages of Vardenafil. This drug helps to return erection even during the chornic type of the erectile dysfunction. The effect is achieved due to the pharmacological action of Vardenafil which is a stimulant of the natural physiological processes in the penis.

What is Generic Vardenafil?

effects of SnovitraGeneric Vardenafil is a vasodilator product which acts selectively on the blood vessels of the penis. The mechanism of the action is conditioned by the inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme which prevents a normal blood circulation in the cavernous bodies. Blocking this enzyme, the blood circulation is regulated in the tissues of the penis, and due to this, the natural physiological process is improved during the sexual arousal.

Nota bene! The action of Vardenafil is started only during the sexual stimulation. Do not expect the increase of the sexual drive or arousal. Generic Vardenafil is not aphrodisiac.

Taking Snovitra tablets, a man should be ready that a therapeutic effect is reversible and the action will last for certain period. As Vardenafil is the fastest inhibitor of PDE5, the action starts in about 15 minutes after the use of the single dose.

The active ingredients will block the activity of PDE5 within the next 6 hours, and a man will have a hard erection during every sexual stimulation. A man can have 2-3 sexual intercourses at once due to the pills, and he will have a hard erection within this period.

In 6 hours, Vardenafil is gradually excreted from the body, and the effect is reduced. In 8 hours, Snovitra stops stimulating the potency. But in spite of this, the medication can be taken once per day. Do not abuse Snovitra because it may cause side effects.

A reversible effect of Vardenafil has several pluses:

Snovitra tablets

  • The drug is not accumulated in the body and does not cause an affection of the internal tissues
  • Snovitra is harmless and not toxic for the body
  • Vardenafil may be taken for a long period because the drug does not cause an addiction
  • The reversible action helps to activate the natural physiological processes without affecting the mechanisms of the erection.

The erectile dysfunction is a temporal disorder which is easily treatable. Taking Vardenafil, the man will not harm the natural processes. The use of the pills may be stopped after the end of the treatment.

Due to the soft therapeutic action of Snovitra, the drug is allowed for old men who cannot take more intensive drugs such as Sildenafil. Vardenafil is the only PDE5 inhibitor which does not cause a high blood pressure and tachycardia.