Vardenafil vs. Viagra

Many men compare vardenafil vs sildenafil to choose the best option to treat erectile dysfunction. Which one is better? Make a detailed comparison of these popular ED meds to make a more informed decision.

Levitra dosage vs Viagra

Brief Overview of Both Drugs

Viagra is the first medication brought to the market to treat male impotence. Initially, it was intended to treat high blood pressure and chest pain. However, researchers found out that improved erections were a common side effect of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient of Viagra. That’s why the manufacturer shifted its focus and this popular ED drug was approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction about 20 years ago.

Generic Levitra is another popular medication designed to help men solve their erection problems. It contains vardenafil as its active ingredient, but it belongs to the same class of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors, so its mechanism of action is similar to the one of Viagra. Both medications act to improve the effect of nitric oxide, the compound that relaxes smooth muscles in penile tissues, thus, enhancing the blood flow to a penis and resulting in stronger and longer-lasting erections.

What Are Their Differences and Similarities?

The first difference is that Viagra and Vardenafil have different tablet forms. For example, generic Levitra comes as round orange pills, while Sildenafil is available as round blue tablets. As you already know, these ED drugs contain different active ingredients, which is another prominent difference.

When comparing generic Levitra dosage vs Viagra doses, you should know that Sildenafil comes in 25-100 mg strengths, while you can buy Vardenafil in 2.5-200 mg doses. One of the main differences is the price of these medications. As all generic versions, Vardenafil is more affordable compared to brand drugs. Viagra is more expensive, but the effects, customer ratings, and quality are the same. That’s why many men choose generic Levitra over brand Sildenafil to end up with more savings.

generic Levitra effectiveness

What about generic Levitra effectiveness and mechanism of action? Are they different from Viagra? You should take both ED medications 30-60 minutes before your planned sexual intercourse. How long do their effects last? When it comes to Vardenafil, its effects on erections last up to 8 hours, while Viagra stays potent for about 6 hours.

Another great difference that may affect your decision to purchase any of them is that the intake of Vardenafil isn’t affected by any food, while it’s better to take Viagra without any fatty meals and grapefruit juice because they will slow down its proper absorption. Both drugs have similar side effects, including:

  • Stuffy nose and headaches;
  • Dizziness and indigestion;
  • Flushing and upset stomach;
  • Nausea and skin rash;
  • Blurred vision and diarrhea.

Viagra and generic Levitra also have similar drug interactions, so you shouldn’t combine them with alpha blockers, nitrates, some antibiotics, and blood pressure medications.

Which One to Choose?

After comparing Viagra and Vardenafil, you can see that both ED meds are similar, but they still have certain differences, especially in price. For instance, generic Levitra is available in lower doses, and many consumers agree that it’s more preferable. Another benefit is that its intake isn’t affected by any food.